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12 & 16 Station Metric Production Vise Columns

Jergens Multi-Quad Production Vise Columns provide 12 or 16 stations to maximize the number of parts per load. Available with bases to fit directly onto your machine table, or to a Ball Lock sub-plate.
    • Machine more parts per set-up
    • Reduce changeover time
    • Hold larger parts
    • Reduce cost per part
    • Run longer without operator involvement
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Dimensions12 Station16 Station
Ball Lock BaseUniversal BaseBall Lock BaseUniversal Base
Vise Size100mm150mm100mm150mm100mm150mm100mm150mm
A Max Jaw Opening (2 Station)5688568856885688
B Max Jaw Opening (1 Station)176254176254176254176254
C Fixed Jaw Width6478647864.00786478
D Moveable Jaw Length100127100127100127100127
E Base to Center of Fixed Jaw216280216280216280216280
H Overall Width383470383470383470383470
J Jaw Width100150100150100150100150
K Outside Rail to Rail243330243330243330243330
N Base Plate Thickness2525252525252525
P Overall Height446573446573446573446573
Q Clearance7070707070707070
R Top Plate Thickness1414141414141414
S Center to Face3239323932393239
Base Length and Width400500400500400500400500
Ball Lock Mounting Pattern350x350425x425n/an/a350 x 350425x425n/an/a
Mounting Pattern 1*n/an/a80mm80mmn/an/a80mm80mm
Mounting Pattern 2*n/an/a100mm100mmn/an/a100mm100mm
Weight (lbs)8617286172164326164326

Unless otherwise stated, English units are inches (in) and pounds (lbs) and Metric units are millimeters (mm) and kilograms (kg).